Patients at parliament 2, 23/02/2018

Frame by Ben Newton

On October 10th 2017, MP Paul Flynn presented his Ten-Min Rule Bill to parliament, which to everyone’s joy, was granted permission for a second reading.

This is due to happen on Friday 23 February 2018

I will be there once again to play some relevant songs for the event, along with many other supporters from across the country.

Patients at Parliament, 10/10/2017

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Jonjon Bollockbrain, Out Now!

Jonjon Bollockbrain, digital release, 07/02/2018

As Jonjon Bollockbrain and I happen to share the same birthday, it seemed only right that I release my single, Jonjon Bollockbrain, on that day. So, as Feb 7th is almost upon us, in fact, it’s only 2 hrs away at the time of writing, I’m nicely stoned, and I would imagine old Bollockbrain has downed a good few gallons of Country Choice by now, so happy birthday you old cunt, Enjoy your song!

Keith Hudson Stickers


Roll up, Roll up, (a nice big fatty), your Keith Hudson stickers are here!

Everyone loves a sticker to slap on their stash box, or rolling tray, so I had some made. The logo design was done by my good friend, Rage Sadler, frontman for the awesome UK heavy metal band, Kaine, and the original idea behind the design was based on the classic Volvo grille.

So now, as the Keith Hudson stickers are being distributed to fellow stoners around the UK, and stuck on random lamp posts, mail boxes, billboards, etc, so now, I can hopefully begin to gain some recognition as an artist who is still alive, and creep into the search engines enough for them to distinguish the diffrence  between myself, & the late Dark Prince of Reggae!

If you would like some Keith Hudson stickers, then hit me up on Facebook,

or contact me on:

Google thinks I’m a dead Rasta!

Keith Hudson (Me) and Keith Hudson (Not Me!)

Ok internet, let’ get this little matter cleared up once and for all, I am not the late Dark Prince of Reggae, he passed away in 1984, when I was just 9 years old, so how the fuck did he release his 2017 single, Dave the Dealer, from the grave? Well, the answer is, he didn’t! It was me, but the ever intelligent internet got confused, for when I released my debut single to, iTunes,Spotify, Deezer, Amazon Music, Google Play, and an abundance of online stores, they automatically assumed that the Dark Prince had risen from the grave to release his new tune, and now, you click on the “more from this artist” option on Dave the Dealer, then it links to his full discography. I have contacted them about this error, but nothing has been put right as yet, so now I’m left to sort this mess out for myself, and hopefully, soon enough, the internet will realise that it fucked up!

It’s all fun & games!

Cannabis Really is Good for Your Health


Cannabis has played a big part in my wellbeing since my early 20’s, although it has been in my life recreationally since around the age of 15.

For most of my life I have suffered with symptoms affecting my lungs, skin, and joints, among a few other things like chronic fatigue, forgetfulness, & even some mental health issues, and it wasn’t until I reached the age of 40 that I was diagnosed as having Sarcoidosis.

Mornings were never a good time for me, and by the time I had finished messing around in college, and decided to go and mess around at work instead, I had discovered the medicinal power of the morning spliff, which allowed me to carry out my day to day tasks, mostly trouble free.

Cannabis, along with a healthy diet, can work wonders for many different medical conditions, where a lot of pharmaceutical medicines can often worsen the situation. Now, I’m not saying that it’s gonna work for everyone, but what I do know is that it works for me, and a hell of a lot more people across the world.

CBD Shatter, canna capsule, Hash Rosin, Bubble Hash, Green Gold Hash, Jack Herrer Bud.


Cannabis is medicine

If you suffer from a medical condition
You should carefully consider your position
Putting your health into the hands of a physician
Will have you living your life on prescription

Drugs with nasty side effects you’re given
That rarely improve your standard of living
If anything they worsen the condition
And then another prescription for you is written

Doctors who we trust to be our healers
Legal pharmaceutical drug dealers
Never seem to have the time to see us
And when they do they never seem to please us

Inhalers, antibiotics, and steroids
Are all things I would really rather avoid
Too many years of this got me well annoyed
So now it’s time to heal myself with cannabinoids

Cos cannabis is medicine
It helps with almost everything
THC & CBD and other things that work for me
I wake up late and medicate
Until I’m in a happy state
Ready to go out and face my day
For me there is no other way

Cannabinoid receptors in our bodies
Need compounds found in weed so they work properly
And another one called CBG

THC gets you high nicely
CBD has many healing properties
CBN will give you a good night’s sleep
While the cancer’s kept away by the CBG

Anti inflammatory and penicillin
Only seem to keep your body illing
Medicine companies making a killing
While the pharmacies and doctors do their dealing

So if you wanna heal yourself naturally
Some cannabis will help you out believe me
If you take too much you’ll only pull a whitie
So then a coffee and a munch will do you nicely

Cos cannabis is medicine
It helps with almost everything
THC & CBD and other things that work for me
I wake up late and medicate
Until I’m in a happy state
Ready to go out and face my day
For me there is no other way


The summer of 2017 was when I went on my travels around the UK Cannabis clubs, and was also where I lost my dab virginity, which was a life changer for me. Little did I know on that December evening in Potters Bar, that by the summer this would be my new favourite way to get my intake, even after my eyes almost exploding, and the 20 minute coughing fit!

I got to try several forms of dab, including, Shatter, Crumble, & Wax, but my favourite is the hash rosin, which also happened to be my first. After a few meets, where I kept bumping into the same bunch of fellow stoners, who have since all become very good friends, and very soon, the tall, Dutch,dabbing wizard had me converted, and now, it’s dabs for breakfast every day!

Back on the scene for 2018

Patients at Parliament, 10/10/2017
Dave the Dealer meets Dave the Policeman, at 420 London, Hyde Park

The summer of 2017 was when I introduced myself & my music to the UK Cannabis Community, and visited as many of the canna club meet ups, protest days, & awareness events as I could, which not only helped me to promote my 2017 release, Dave the Dealer, but I also got to meet some of the UK’s very best vendors of all things cannabis too, and made some wonderful friends along the way. It was a real eye opener for me, and gave me access to a lot of different cannabis products, some of which I had never even heard of before. I Got the chance to try various types of edibles, oils, extracts, capsules, dabs, and countless different hashes & buds, and i even tried some £20 a gram bud, just to see what all the fuss is about, and actually found that the 3.5g deal I picked up at the same event for £25, was much nicer!

Another exciting day was at an awareness event in Peterborough, where I had the opportunity to play in front of the tv camera, for the filming of an episode of ITV’s Kyle Files, which is due to be aired in march 2018.

Filming for ITV’s Kyle Files

All in all, I’ve found these events have been very effective in raising awareness on the medical benefits of cannabis, and I’ve also been able to learn a lot more about using cannabis effectively for my sarcoidosis.

So now, with the summer of 2018 fast approaching, I can safely say that I’m looking forward to doing it all again this year!


Welcome to my world!

Chances are, that if you’re reading this, then you already know who I am, but if you don’t, then I’d like to welcome you to my world.

My world consists mostly of weed & music, and whatever else takes my fancy at the time.

Sharing a special place in my world, is my long suffering girlfriend, Lisa, & our daughter, Mary-Johanna, and my son from a previous marrage, Conor.

All in all, I dont like to take life too seriously, but I like to keep things in balance, getting shit done, with a little hint of madness thrown into the mix, I mean, who the fuck wants to be serious all the time anyway?