Jonjon Bollockbrain

This is the tale of my pissed up work mate, Jonjon Bollockbrain.

He calls me ballbag, I call him bollockbrain, we work together, everybody thinks we’re insane.

Always taking the piss out of each other, he’s quite a character unlike any other.

Jonjon Bollockbrain, that mutha fucker is insane, drinking country choice all day, Jonjon Bollockbrain!

He calls me brain dead, I call him spunk breath, banter at work saves us all from getting bored to death. We like to have a laugh, always-a-joking, he’ll be drinking cider, and I’ll be Ganja smoking.

Jonjon Bollockbrain……

He calls me shagrag, I call him wank stain, I call him piss head when he runs off to the shop again, to get a few more cans of cider, four for three quid or eight for a fiver.

Jonjon Bollockbrain………..

When four o’clock comes he starts yawning, clucking for his bag of scag to see him through till morning, he’ a wreckhead through & through, but he’s always ready to go out and do the work we do.

Jonjon Bollockbrain………..

Cover art by: Pia White