No Excuses!

I really don’t care what anyone thinks of me
I am who I am, what you get is what you see
I’m not a man to mince my words, I always speak my mind
And if anything I say offends you then the problem is all yours, not mine

I don’t need to fit into societies ideal
I live my life my own way, I like to keep it real
I don’t need to get in debt to drive a brand new car
I don’t need latest fashions to hang out in a trendy bar

And I don’t need no excuses,
I don’t need to tell lies,
I will only ever be the man you find

Did you ever take the time to look inside your mind
To analyse reality, and if you did, what did you find
Is your mind under your control, are all your thoughts your own
Or has the system taken hold and got you in the zombie zone

Don’t give me no excuses,
Always be true to yourself
Cos that is so much better for your health

Are you stuck in the routine of a life ruled by the wage
Which sadly seems to have become a trend of the modern age
Where everybody lives to work, instead of work to live
A life like this destroys the soul and takes all that you have to give

They give you their excuses
They tell you all their lies
And they’ll use you up until you’re dead inside